Maarten De Ceulaer is a young promising Belgium designer. His attraction to conceptual and narrative design drives his inspiration for his graduate project  ’A Pile of Suitcases’. With little surprise it has been picked up by the notorious Milanese gallery Nilufar, that commissioned an entire collection on the concept. Maarten has gained international attention for his pristine whimsy and contribution to modern design. The suitcases pile on each other making new usable structures, a desk, a armour, a table. A metaphor of a traveling life. What one chooses to pack in a simple suitcase is one perspective but Maarten De Ceulaer offers the option that perhaps it is the suitcase it self, that is paramount in this design poem. He plays with the common object and elevates it into social observation highlighting it with a desirable color scheme and precise craftsmanship.

The Collection was inspired by the designer’s great passion for travelling and exploring the world. Towers and asymmetric compositions are made of suitcases and briefcases in precious leathers created by Maarten De Ceulaer, in a close collaboration with one of the most renowned leather artisans in Belgium, Ralph Baggaley. The craftsmanship and detailing is simply sublime and calls for instant admiration. These pieces, though colourful and playful, evoke luxurious and sophisticated atmospheres, but at the same time they carry the dynamic vibe of modern nomads, that travel trough cities and continents without restrictions or boundaries

Small cathedrals, built on behalf of the idea of the capability to be worn, evoking sophisticated atmospheres and created for the houses of aristocratic nomads going through geographies and histories even though they stay at home.

His works have been awarded and nominated (he was the Belgian Young Designer of the Year 2007, in 2009 The New York Times mentioned him as one of the 5 young designers to watch, Fendi selected him for the Design Performance at DesignMiami 2012, and in 2013 he received the prestigious Henry Van De Velde award for Young Talent)