The Only The Brave Foundation supports and develops a variety of innovative projects, each tackling issues either holistically or from new sideways angles. Whether in the form of funding, cooperation, advice, or staff mobilization, the Only The Brave Foundation works in liaison with numerous internal and external collaborators.

This film was created by Brand New School. A vertically integrated production company and design studio that delivers extraordinary media on all platforms. Offering a new model for creative digital production, they are filmmakers, developers, designers, animators, editors, illustrators, and producers dedicated to driving communications to new heights. This short is a perfect example of where design and "change" build upon each other, making a short film full of impeccable design while maintaing a message with impact.

Designers: Stephen Kelleher, Sol Linero, Damien Correll 2D Animation: Andy Mastrocinque, Dave Rasura

Daily Tonic, Designkimball