Music Philosophy

Music Philosophy by Ricardo Toledo
What gave you the idea for Music Philosophy?
Honestly, the idea came from my flat mate who used to live with me a couple of years ago. She was a economics student with no arts or design background at all. One day I was scribbling some words from Beatles'  Love is all you need song, and she saw some sketches and came to me and said 'That's great, are you doing song quotes from different bands? That's a great idea'. To be honest I wasn't, but after her comment I started doing the music philosophy posters, and started finding different beautiful songs and interpreting them into graphic posters.
How do you pick the "one liners"?
Usually I chose the one liners by the stuff that I'm currently into. And also if that song in particular touches me in any way. I also get loads of recommendations from people , and I sometimes use this huge backend of endless quotes to search for the perfect line that will inspire a song. Whatever the line I think it's important for the song to inspire me and other people in the short term.
What has been your most popular poster?
The most popular one so far has been The Smiths, There's a Light poster. It has been sold out for 4 times already, and everytime I do a new reprint it usually sells out in a week. I think people have a clear fascination towards The Smiths here in Britain, and again, that is one line that touches most people's heart, and everyone can relate to.
What "creatives" are you influenced by?
I am influenced by different creatives, at different times. But right now I am really into Miranda July's work. I recently read her short stories book 'No one belongs here more than you' and I got completely fascinated by her stories. And also the website for this book is fascinating, I really love the naiveté and lo-fi aspects of it.
And other people that I'm really influenced by are the classic british designer Anthony Burril. The man is a master in graphic art  and minimalism and really inspired me graphically in the Music Philosophy project: