Eric Yeo / Spiral drawing


What do you say about something that must take extreme amount of patience and years of master doodling combined with fine art. Don't you just want to see this illustrators fifth grade science notebook, (I am sure that this talent started young.) In a world were value is put on things that can be packaged or sold at a profit, you have to respect a young creative like this, knowing his parents said.."why can't you just be a doctor, a lawyer...drawing where is the future? Obviously we love this and more so that a art supplier commissioned it. Seek out creativity!

Ogilvy and Mather Singapore was commissioned by legendary art supplier Faber-Castell to do an amazing set of hand-drawings. Illustrator from CUE Art replicates world-renowed masterpieces in a continuous spiral. Video directed by Eric Yeo and drawings further on site.

Daily Tonic, Designkimball