Building a brand with signature wit. Emerson Fry the creator of EMERSONMADE has captured the attention of women all over the world seeking " The new modern classic." How did Emersonmade come to be?

We started out designing women's accessories. The company expanded into women's clothing in Fall of 2010. We focus on collectible pieces in both clothing and accessory categories. Fall 2011 is a base line for our 2012 lines which will be an important year for us in terms of product line up.  We will be introducing wider range line, accessories, leather, our shoe collection, Emerson bags, jewelry and a very beautiful, very fine organic perfume.

Are you surprised by the following has created from wedding accessories to women's collection?

We are so appreciative of our customer base and anyone taking interest! We love our customers. They are incredibly sophisticated, beautiful and exciting women all over the globe and as we continue to expand I am always imagining them, what we can give them, what we can do and create for their busy lives.  We give them the straight shot whether that be content or the garment and in return we have sophisticated customers, very low return/exchange rate, and huge repeat customer base. Our goal is to create the highest quality products we can, create wonderful packaging, and an overall customer experience. All things that seem to lack these days, wouldn't you say. We manufacture the majority of our items in the united states except for pieces that are geographic specific such s our India Caftan collection or our upcoming shoe line. Our US customers definitely appreciate that.

Who is the EmersonMade girl you design for in your mind?

She is everyone who lover fashion and style and who is esthetically inclined towards things that are chic and feel great on the body.

You live on a farm outside the city, how does this influence your work?

It gives a somewhat balanced perspective on what you need in these  separate lifestyles, what you need in the city, what you need in country,  what you need to get things done and be on the move, what you need to travel. Its inspires a very well rounded wardrobe and the shoe line also.

How do you stay Creative?

My bigger problem is how do I not be creative. prioritize. Get edited. There is so much I must do while here in this life but not enough time in the day. Emerson, you travel extensively and are hands on in sourcing for your brand. How does the exposure to other cultures translate into your brand?

Seeing the style of people around the world is very fascinating and often inspiring. You go to France and you see a man in a fishing village in a worn linen coat and you say that’s a great coat I need one of those. You go to high-rise restaurant in Korea and see how a woman wears a very tailored skirt suit, you go to the Caribbean and you see all these brilliant women in their brilliant colored clothes, you go to in India and you appreciate the use of draping and block prints leaving more to the imagination through layers, and of course you go to paris or NYC and you see everything you ever need to see and more. That’s why I am glad we split our time in NYC.

Who are some "Creatives" that you admire?

The creative people I admire all have the same thing in common which is they are all very active in their personal vision and you can see it completely through their work. It is very rare that Ryan and I collect a piece of art, because it must feel…very right. Must feel very personal. Its exciting when you find a piece like that. This is why so often we find we decorate our lives with things that are personal instead of art. Photos for instance, or some of my paintings have made it in but not many. But we do have some beautiful small paintings, drawings from artists we have encountered around the world.

What are ten things you can't live without?

1. Ryan, my better half. 2. A walk with Ryan and Pedro. 3. My big black sketch book. 4. One of those cheap grey ball point pens that has surprisingly good ink. 5. Discipline. 6. Our C.O.O Tim. 7. Fruit of all kinds, but if I had to choose…don't make me choose, just bring me the fruit. 8. Quiet time to just listen to the sounds 9. My father performing flamenco music from his guitar. 10. The ability to keep moving.

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