Blog Divine 1.2 (tales of Endearment)

Tales of Endearment is a blog written by Natalie Joos a casting agent from Brooklyn. She highlights her  bevy of friends that just so happen to be stylish and have amazingly interestly homes. Her writing for a moment allows you into her inner circle, made up of smart women making their own stamp on the world. Her article on Erin O'Conner rivals a piece done by the Selby. Her romp through a vintage shop with Ms.Margherita Missoni herself boggles the imagination...seriously imagine you are trying on some vintage jeans and in walks the Heir to Missoni who proceeds to try on polyester dresses...Come on! Ms. Joos is ahead of the field when it comes to her  ability to turn a sentence and capture her sparkling subjects. Bravo!

Daily Tonic, Fashionkimball